Third Party Administration

At Monday Jones & Albright we provide unique, comprehensive, nationwide claim administration services. As our client, you can feel confident knowing that our Bar certified attorneys will exceed the levels of service and commitment you expect from a TPA. With a mission of providing superior service and exceptional attention to detail, we customize our claim management services to fit your unique program. At Monday Jones and Albright, we provide the best value possible by placing your claims in the hands of our experienced attorneys in order help ensure that each claim is handled timely and efficiently, with personal attention. 

What sets us apart from other TPAs?

ExpertiseAt Monday Jones and Albright, our staff has the expertise and background to handle any and all general liability claims whether those involve standard or specialized risks.

PedigreeWe not only have the ability to manage your claims but can also defend your claims when and if a lawsuit is filed.

Experience: With an experienced staff of BAR certified attorneys, each has the experience and is well equipped with the tools to pre-litigation negotiations.

At Monday Jones and Albright we understand that you value expertise, experience, and professionalism. You need a TPA that will help you achieve profitability while ensuring that your claims are handled skillfully and that your standards are met.

Contact: Michele Jennings